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METAL TRAY | Nirvana Reverie

METAL TRAY | Nirvana Reverie

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 Presenting our Awesome TRAYS® - the pinnacle of design and utility combined into one slick package. Our tray is a work of art, with superior printing that vividly and crisply brings our incredible patterns to life and makes every colour shine out.

Our trays are fashioned from a sturdy 35mm thick brass sheet, which provides longevity and reduces dents from unintentional falls and bumps. They are painstakingly crafted with great attention to detail. Our tray is unique because of its carefully thought-out edges, which are marginally thicker than those of other trays on the market. By acting as a barrier against impacts, this feature keeps the tray's structural integrity intact.

We cordially invite you to experience the excellence and beauty of TRAYS®, the intersection of innovation and craftsmanship. 

You will see that the 116g unit is the ideal combination of size and weight as you examine its 18*14CM dimensions. We appreciate you selecting TRAYS®; this is the first step on your path to amazing adventures.

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